About Dalyan

Dalyan Is the Sea?

No I do not. Koycegiz lake is on the duct connecting the Mediterranean Sea. Iztuzu beach is in a protected area of natural beauty of the area naturally has survived until today. Dalyan and Iztuzu Beach, "Europe's most beautiful open space" was chosen. This is the most important factor in the selection of Dalyan, was unspoiled nature. Within 11 kilometers of Iztuzu beach in Dalyan, until recently, was known by very few people. Many people still do not know.

How to get to the sea?

There are two ways to go overboard in Dalyan.
The first alternative Dalyan Kop van. Organized by minibus are İztuzu. Dalyan town, past the mosque act. With a special tool on the market square in Dalyan Iztuzu beach is to follow the road signs.
The second option Dalyan Boat Coop. Organized by shuttle boat is out of date. These boats are made immediately on the pier next to the mosque. Minibus go-go by boat is very pleasant.
Accommodation Facilities?

From Dalyan and the surrounding area for the construction on that special protection zone in accordance with certain limits. Therefore, in Dalyan three or four 3-star level hotel facilities outside the bedroom 10-20 majority are small family hotel or aparthotel. Dalyan will be able to cater for everyone and every budget can find accommodation types. If you want to make their own meals in your vacation then "APART" You are required to choose hotels.
The Caretta Caretta see?

Almost everyone coming to Dalyan, Caretta Caretta turtles are curious type. Centers can see turtles, İztuzu Beach, on the side of the road to get there. Other daily tours come with it because they just did a boat trip to see the center of Dalyan're leaving. Due to the abundance of those who want to see turtles in recent years appeared a new type of trip. Caretta Caretta monitoring round. Turtles are one of the favorite foods of blue crabs misine are left to connect to the water. Crabs are attracted to photos of turtles that come to dinner. Other than that usually carettas out to the beach to lay their eggs at night and they are under protection after eight in the evening to stay at the beach is strictly prohibited.
Restaurants, Bars, Discos?

As in every tourist resort in Dalyan for every budget restaurant, fast food, pita and kebab shop are available. Most of accommodations at a restaurant serves.
Dalyan is crazy fun of a holiday resort. Here sites where young people can dance, they can listen to live music bars are. Dalyan like being more intertwined with nature, the city had escaped from the intensity of the peace, who want to find is preferred.
Health Services

Dalyan third doctor and have a good health quarry. 2 of the doctors at health centers are responsible. Who retired as a private patient in a doctor's office to the overlook. Our health center can also be found in many assays. 5 pharmacies and dentists in Dalyan 3 kilometers from the bulunmaktadır.12 Ortaca in a private hospital in the state hospitals and specialists are working in many branches.
How's the weather here ...


In May and October seasonal averages, but sometimes the weather can be rainy to enter the sea water temperature is not bad at all. Well there is no need to mention the summer. You know .... With Ege embrace of the Mediterranean climate of this region differs from a typical Mediterranean climate. Winters are mild and rainy. But other Mediterranean destinations such as the sweltering summer, people leave soggy sweat is not so humid. The reason for this, except for a few days a year, every day is a regular sea breeze. You can swim in lagoons until mid-November.

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